lake carol


Fully-stocked 54-acre bass lake constructed with the goal of maximizing fish habitat.

Fishing in Lake Carol
PACKAGE  $435 per day
Includes: Full day of fishing, Flat top Boat, Meals, Bar, Lodging and Gratuity


Price includes sales tax and service fee.
A 30% deposit required to confirm reservations.
Cancellations must be received 60 days prior to reservation.
Additional Fees: Each hunter is responsible for hunting license fees.

Fishing Report Clark Huddle reports having a stellar day fishing Lake Carol with his two children Christian (9yrs) and Sarah (6yrs). Christian landed a fish that now ties Ronnie’s record of 5lbs (see trophy page).  Christian was using a scum frog near some standing timber and a weed line at Moccasin Point, just below the cabin.

The Huddles also fished the Parking Lot (two Chevy pickups and a Ford tractor) catching several nice crappie and some giant bream with 1/16 oz. lead heads and small grubs.  Crappie are a wonderful fish but can be problematic in small impoundments.  The Parking Lot seems to hold Crappie year round so we try to fish it hard every time.  We encourage you to do the same.

Clark fished the Z last and landed several nice fish with a Texas rigged magnum lizard.
In all, they removed 10lbs of bass below the 15″ slot and several crappies.  Not too bad for three hours work considering the complications ( I say that with a smile) of fishing with youngters!

Other notes:
Clark found a regurgitated crawfish in the live well.  We stocked bream in the lake for the bass to eat and have seen the bass throw-up bream on several occasions.  We were uncertain about the crawfish.  Now we know.

Christian’s fish is the second 5lbs fish to come from Lake Carol.  These fish were added to Lake Carol 2 years and 10 months ago.  I may be a bit wishful, but we seem to be on tract to produce 6lbs fish by this fall.

We have started marking several deep water hot spots that hold fish.  We started using manufactured trot line markers, but I will replace them with duck decoys shortly.  So far I have Moccasin Point, The Parking Lot and The Z marked so everyone can get lined up and catch fish.

The baby Bald Eagles have learned to fly.  Very Cool!!

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